2024 AZAIR Conference Supporters

ZogoTech is a data analytics provider that partners with institutions to deliver actionable insights across the entire student experience – from registration through graduation or transfer. This comprehensive view allows institutions to intervene with data-driven decisions that consistently improve performance across every measure of success.

Voyatek specializes in empowering higher education institutions to leverage their data for informed decision-making. We are dedicated to assisting our clients in aligning their strategic objectives with their day-to-day operations. Through the development of tailored analytics platforms, we enable data visualization, forecasting, and fraud analysis to drive data-informed decision-making. Our Student Success Analytics (SSA) Cloud solution provides on-demand analytics that offer real-time insights to support your targeted strategies. By consolidating data from various facets such as Admissions & Enrollment, Financial Aid, Retention & Completion, Finance, and Human Resources, SSA Cloud presents a comprehensive view of the student lifecycle and institutional health.

Lightcast is a global leader in labor market analytics. We connect people with jobs by providing businesses, communities, and education institutions with the best labor market data possible. Our data-driven insight enables better, faster decisions.


The Executive Team extends its deepest gratitude to the AZAIR Community. Every attendee, presenter, and member has played a vital role in our ongoing success. For 35 years, your contributions and active participation have been nothing short of invaluable. Together, we continue to thrive!