RMAIR 2017

Thursday Evening Event

After the day's sessions on Thursday, October 5, 2017, join us in Tempe, Arizona for the Thursday Evening Event. 

The evening will begin at the ASU School of Earth & Space Exploration Gallery of Scientific Exploration (GSE).  Explore earth and space sciences in the expansive hall dedicated to interactive exhibits. The focus of the first floor is on dynamic experiences that invite participatory exploration. The exhibits are as much about communicating how earth and space scientists do science and achieve a scientific worldview as they are about scientific facts and figures.

Unwind at the evening reception while touring the first floor gallery dedicated to interactive history of scientific exploration.  Socialize, enjoy some refreshments and investigate the interactive exhibits.

★ Discover what scientists are learning from meteorites on the second floor Meteorite Gallery.   ★ Find out where meteorites come from and how planets form! ★ Touch real meteorites!

Just as your scientific minds are peaked, the visit will end at the Marston Exploration Theater for a spectacular 3-D astronomy show. Find out how the data collected has been transformed into these amazing visual programs.

After you are wowed by what the universe has to offer, dinner will be served at Sun Angel Clubhouse at ASU Karsten Golf Course.

Visit the RMAIR 2017 Annual Conference site to sign up for this event.